Study Statuses

Pick the right study status based on your current recruitment needs

Click on the right-most icon in the Study Dasbhoard to change your study's status

Pending Approval

After submitting your study, it's status will be "Pending Approval". We internally check every study for quality and consistency before it can go live on our platform. If there are any concerns, we will notify you via email. If the study approval process is taking more than 3 days, please contact us at [email protected]


All studies are hidden by default. While hidden, your study will not be searchable or joinable by participants. The only exception to this is if you invite participants to join your study via referral code (see Invite Participants for more information). Typical use cases for "Hidden" studies are:

  • Getting REB/IRB/ethics approval. You can give your ethics board the study url so they can review your study posting without it ever being live to the public.
  • When you have hit your participant quota, but still need to use Honeybee's suite of chat and management features.
  • Using Honeybee not for recruitment, but rather as a communication, management, and retention tool. In this case, participants will only able to join your study via invitation code (see Invite Participants for more information)
  • Collaborating on a study posting with other colleagues before activating the study


You must manually change your study's status to "Active" if you want it to searchable and joinable by the public. While active, your study will appear on Honeybee's search page as well as the Honeybee mobile app.

Completed or Archived

These statuses are used to mark studies as completed, canceled or temporarily halted. Studies with this status are able to be changed back to any other status.