Invite Participants

Consolidate your participants onto Honeybee and make running your study a piece of cake

Use invitation codes to seamlessly onboard participants directly onto your study. Enhance the power of our communication and management tools by keeping all your participants in one place. Click on the invite button in the Study Dashboard to access the invitation page and get started.

Invitation page. Toggle the switch to turn invitations on or off

Adding coded names to invitation codes

You may choose to add a coded name to your study invitation code. Do so by entering the participant's coded name after the last period in the invitation code. See below for an example use case.

Example use case

Here is a step-by-step example of a researcher who wants to consolidate all of their participants onto Honeybee.

  1. Enable invitation codes by clicking on the invitation icon in the Study Dashboard and turning the switch on
  2. Obtain the invitation code. In this example, the researcher's invitation code is r2p.3t8gv1vexB.
  3. The researcher adds a coded name to each participant that they send the invitation to. This will help them identify who joined their study. For example, the following code r2p.3t8gv1vexB.PARTICIPANT-26 will create a Honeybee participant named PARTICIPANT-26. See Coded names for more information on coded names.
  4. The researcher sends the invitation code and instructions to each participant that they want to invite. Instructions may be found alongside the invitation code.