Put the finishing touches to your study posting

Affiliations and Departments/Research Groups

Attaching affiliations and departments/research groups are mandatory so that participants know what organization this study is being conducted with. You may add multiple affiliations by clicking the "Add Affiliation" button.

Force email messaging

Honeybee's chat is secure and HIPAA compliant. However, email messaging is not. For this reason, we ask for participants to give their explicit consent to allow messages to be sent and received via email.

If you would like email messaging to be a mandatory option for your study, please enable Force Email Messaging. Now, participants will only be able to join your study if they consent to email messaging. You may want to do this if you plan to keep all of your communication with your participants in your email inbox, or if you want to integrate third-party tools with your study such as survey reminders on platforms such as Qualtrics, or automated email scheduling tools. See Email Messaging for more information.

Restricting your study to a geographical area

Studies that are restricted to a continent, country, province or city should check this option and use the location autocomplete feature to enter the appropriate geographical area. For example, studies that are only open to canadian residents.

Study Submission

Your study has now been submitted and is Pending Approval by the Honeybee team. Once your study has been approved, you will be notified via email.