Introduce your research and let participants know what your study entails

Ethics Statement

Enter a statement describing the ethics approval process that your study has been through. Include the ethics board that reviewed the study as well as the the ethics identification number, if possible.

If ethics approval is still pending, you may enter "Pending ethics approval" in this section and resume through the post-a-study form. This is allowed because your study is hidden until you manually decide to activate it! Just be sure to update this ethics section when your study has been approved before making your study live.

Study Tasks

Outline all of the tasks that are required to complete this study. Be sure to give a comprehsive list so that you only attract participants that are fully aware and OK with all of the tasks they will be required to do throughout the study.


Keywords capture the core characteristics of your study in a single word or phrase. They are also used to power our search engine, allowing participants to easily search and filter through studies based on specific words.


Use this area to give participants a sense of how they're making a difference in their communities and the world at large, by participating in your study. Even though this section is often overlooked, it is valuable to include an impact statement to give participants a sense of meaning and tangibility when they consider joining your study.