Compensation, reimbursements, in-kind benefits and everything else. What's the difference, and how should I categorize my compensation to participants?

Volunteering (or No Compensation)

If your study does not provide any form of compensation, you may proceed directly to the next step.

What participants see when no compensation is offered

Monetary Compensation

If your study pays out cash for every participant that takes part in your study, select this form of compensation.

In-Kind Compensation

In-kind compensation refers to the benefits that the participant may receive from conducting your study. For example, this could include complimentary breakfast or access to an experimental treatment.

Other Compensation

For everything else, select the "Other" option and describe the compensation in detail. This is where you should add gift-cards, raffles and prize draws.


If you are reimbursing the participant for any out-of-pocket expenses they might incur during the study (for example, parking fees or bus fares), please enter it here.