Basic Information

This might seem like a simple section, but the information entered here is the first thing that participants see and interact with. A well-thought-out title and image will do wonders for your study.

Add a study title

Short and concise titles that easily capture the attention of readers are much more effective than long and wordy titles. Aim for a maximum of 8 words.

External survey url

If your study consists of a survey or questionnaire, you may link it directly to your Honeybee posting. To do so, simply add the survey's URL to our survey URL field. Now, participants that request to join your study will be immediately redirected to the external survey link.

You may contact participants who have entered your survey through our HIPAA-compliant Honeybee Chat or via email if Email Messaging is enabled.

Select a study image

Personalize your study by adding a study image. This can be done by clicking on Choose a Study Image which will search from our Stock Image Selector, or uploading your own study image. Please use images that are clear and have minimal text. Approved studies with images that do not follow these guidelines will be demoted to the bottom of our study listings to improve participant browsing experience.

Methods of adding an image to your study