Participant Management

Organizing, sorting and anonymizing your participants couldn't get any easier

Coded names

Participants are identified by randomly-generated coded names in the format ADJECTIVE-NOUN. We code all participants to protect their privacy and maintain their anonymity when joining a study. You may easily change the coded names of your participants by clicking on their name within the Chat Header. See an example of this below.

Organizing your Participants

Participants are organized based on their:

  • Coded (anonymized) names
  • Participant statuses throughout your study
After clicking into a chat from the sidebar, the Chat Header allows you to easily change the participant's coded name and status, shown in the image below. This information will also be updated immediately in the Chat Sidebar.

Simply click on the participant's coded name or new status to change it

Finding Participant Chats

The Chat Sidebar lists all of your participant chats, sorted by participant coded names and status. Unread chats will appear at the top in bolded text. The image below depicts how you can quickly search and filter through your participant chats.

Find your participants effortlessly by searching for their coded name, or applying a status filter (show in the right image)

Setting Messages as Read or Unread

Click on the top right circle icon to set messages as read or unread.