File Attachments

Attachments are secure, encrypted and stored on our HIPAA compliant platform which is hosted in Montreal, Canada

Uploading Files

Over Honeybee Chat

Click the attachment button in the Input Bar to attach files. A maximum of 10 files can be uploaded at any one time. If your file upload isn't working, please double-check that your file's name does not contain invalid symbols or characters.

Over Email

If Email Messaging is enabled, you may add attachments directly to the email reply that you are sending. These attachments are stored on and accessible via the Honeybee platform. We enforce a maximum total attachment size of 20mb.

Downloading Files

Over Honeybee Chat

Simply click on the message link within the Honeybee Chat to download the specified file. Only members of that specific chat have access to this file.

Over Email

In order to keep files secure, they are never atttached to emails directly. Instead, a link within the email body will take the user to Honeybee, where the user must log in to download the file.