Email Messaging

Plugin your existing email systems into the Honeybee chat to improve response rates and retention

Honeybee allows you to send and receive messages directly from your email inbox by using randomly-generated, masked emails for both you and the participant. This feature pushes new messages to the Honeybee chat, mobile app and email inbox - maximizing participant retention and shortening response times.

Enabling email messaging

In order to send and receive messages directly from your email inbox, both you and the participant must enable email messaging. By default, this is enabled for researchers. However, participants must give their explicit consent to allow email messaging when requesting to join your study. We do this because we cannot control the security measures implemented by third party email clients.

Email settings when the participant has not enabled email messaging. Please see below for an image where the participant has enabled email messaging

Masked emails

If email messaging is enabled by all parties, you will be able to find the participant's masked email address by clicking on the email icon in the Additional Features toolbar of the Honeybee chat. Emails sent to this address will be pushed directly to their Honeybee chat, mobile app, and email inbox. Download all of your participant's masked email addresses at once by clicking "Download all masked emails".

Email settings when email messaging is enabled by the participant

Integration with external systems

Surveys reminders

Many longitudinal studies involve automating emails and survey reminders to participants from systems like Qualtrics or Survey Monkey. Simply use the participant's masked email as the recipient, and let Honeybee do the rest.

Scheduled emails

Schedule emails to your participants by using their masked Honeybee emails as recepients.