Honeybee Chat

Stop wasting your time digging through your emails. Start using Honeybee's HIPAA compliant chat - packed with features to make participant management and communication a piece of cake while maximizing participant retention

Honeybee's chat is a holistic solution for organizing and interacting with your participants in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Additionally, our chat maximizes participant retention by integrating directly with the Honeybee mobile app, allowing reminders and push notifications to be sent directly to participants' phones.

Chat Interface

Main areas of the Honeybee Chat: 1 - Chat Sidebar, 2 - Chat Header, 3 - Additional Features and 4 - Input bar

1 - Chat Sidebar

This is where your participants are listed. Each row corresponds to a participant coded name (or ID), and clicking into one will open up the chat for that participant. You may easily search and filter through your chats with Honeybee's search features. See Participant Management for more information.

2 - Chat Header

After clicking on a chat, the header will load the participant's coded name and study status. Change this information to keep track of your participants throughout your study! See Participant Management for more information.

3 - Additional Features

The top right corner of the chat grants access to many extra features in our chat, including:

  • The ability to set chats as read/unread. See Participant Management
  • Email Messaging settings
  • Scheduling messages to participants
  • Deleting conversations. This is useful for complying with ethics boards the require researchers to delete communication records after a set period of time.

4 - Input Bar

Use the input bar to send messages, emoticons, and File Attachments.